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    Tips That Will Change How You Clean Your Kitchen

    Make use of tea to protect your Stove from Splatters

    This trick went viral after our books were featured on the EVINE Live show. The tea can be used to prevent the gunk off of your stove. You can make tea at four times the strength of normal and then rub it onto your stove. The tannins present in the tea can make it difficult for food and grease to adhere, making cleanup easy and quick.

    DIY All-Purpose Cleaner for Oranges

    We love the smell that orange brings to our kitchens and we appreciate this all-purpose cleaner that is made of orange peels more. It’s great for the kitchen’s various surfaces such as sinks, countertops, and stoves that are greasy, all you need is the peels of several oranges simple white vinegar and water as well as a spray bottle and a glass container with a top lid that screws on (a Mason jar works perfectly). Place the orange peels inside the glass bottle, then cover it with vinegar, and let it sit for a few weeks in a cool location. Transfer a portion of the mix to an aerosol bottle and add 2 parts water. Shake until it’s combined then it’s ready for use. Your family will be delighted by the fragrance!

    2nd Use of Baking Soda

    Instead of throwing baking soda after it has gone for 30 days in the fridge, throw it into the garbage disposal and rinse it with water. It’ll keep your disposal clean too!

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    Make Oven Cleaning Easier

    The trick to make oven cleaning simple is to deal with spills right after they happen. If you find an unclean mess at the surface of your oven Sprinkle salt over it immediately. After a few minutes in an oven that is hot, the mess will transform into an ashy substance and you’ll be able to clean it up using a damp cloth when the oven cools.

    Top of the Fridge? Not a Problem

    The fridge’s top is likely to become soiled, quickly due to the tiny food particles that rise through the air thanks to steam and settle there. It is easy to clean by covering the refrigerator with plastic wrap every month. Simply take off the plastic wrap and put it back in place. It’s so small that you can’t even see it and you’ll never need to wipe the surface of your fridge once more.

    How to Clean Stainless Steel

    The stainless steel appliances look stunning however, they are difficult to clean. It’s true, one of our top cleaning products for stainless steel is vodka. Pour a bit of vodka onto paper towels or sponges and wipe. The appliance made of stainless steel will shortly sparkle and sparkling again, so make sure you make sure you pour yourself a glass to rejoice!

    Buff Up Your Sink

    If cleanliness is the next best thing to Godliness Clean sink is likely to be the entrance to heaven. When you have cleaned your sink (perhaps by mixing in some vodka) then wipe oils like baby oil and olive or an oil-based wood cleaner such as Put a foot over it with an old towel or dry rag. It makes your sink appear fresh and shiny, as well as creating an invisible layer of oil which prevents food and water stains from forming.

    The Trick to Remove cooked-on grime

    If you’re struggling to clean off the grease baked on and grime that has accumulated on your range’s hood , or any other parts close to your stove, simplify the task without using harsh commercial cleaners. Instead, heat it up by blowing it up using an electric hair dryer. Once it’s warmed up it can be wiped off using a soapy, damp cloth.

    A Lemony-Fresh Kitchen

    For your kitchen to have fresh lemon scent and to eliminate smells from cooking, such as toast that has burned or caught on fire You don’t have to spend money on air fresheners. Simply use a lemon! Make a few holes using a toothpick, or skewer, and then put it on top of the rack of a 300 degF baking oven, for 15 minutes. Keep the oven door open, so that the wonderful scent can be felt throughout the entire space. You can also cut orange and cook the water over the stove for 10 to 15 minutes, or more.

    Make Clean Each Appliance

    Clean and tidy appliances on the countertop are essential to creating a stunning kitchen. Take it easy by following our suggestions for cleaning the cooking appliances.

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