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    Mewing before & after

    What is food?

    Mewing is a method of placing the tongue in the mouth against the palate. It is a natural state of the tongue, which over time improves facial expressions – enlarging the palate, making the lower jaw more prominent and the teeth less crooked.

    Mewing was invented by the British orthopedic surgeon John Mew and is used to treat children and adults with bad mouth conditions.

    Mewing has gained much popularity due to its amazing effects on appearance. Mewing has a positive effect on the beauty and attractiveness of the faces of men and women.

    See our in-depth mewing guide here.

    How does mewing work?

    The essence of the mewing before and after  process is to train the proper area of ​​the tongue in the mouth. The tongue should be pressed against the palate all over, especially after the third.

    This position has many effects on health and facial beauty:

    It makes the jaw clearer and clearer

    It directs the teeth by increasing the palate

    Improves nasal breathing

    Promotes facial growth by pressing on the maxilla

    Keep reading to learn how mewing can help you become a healthier, more confident person.

    Is it legal? Does the mewing really work?

    Mewing is a new concept known to many audiences over the past few years. It makes sense, then, that many people wonder, “Is mewing fake?”

    In this article, we will look at “front and back pictures” of mewing changes to see how mewing works and how it really works.

    Taking pictures before and after

    We’ve put together a great mewing website before and after photos to determine if these are enough results to start paying attention to the right language.

    Mewing before and after: men

    Mewing is very popular among men, as it allows you to achieve a strong and attractive appearance. If you look at mewing communities online you will immediately realize that most of its members are male. This is not surprising, since the size and strength of the lower jaw are one of the most important determinants of male attraction.

    Let’s take a look at the mewing effects of men in their front and back photos:

    Mewing before and after: 6 months mewing conversion of adult male

    This remarkable achievement came in just six months. The big difference in jawline significantly changes the facial expression, making a person look attractive and healthy.

    Mewing before and after: 15 months of proper adult posture

    The big difference in the jawline is noticeable – the double chin is gone, the jaw is bright and prominent, giving a masculine look. The author combined mewing with neck exercises, which corrected his posture.

    Mewing before and after: fixing the finished chin

    Here we can see what results can be obtained if you train your tongue at a young age and your bones grow.

    The author stopped sleeping with his mouth open, taught himself the correct posture and improved his posture through jaw exercise. The biggest impact on the chin is noticeable.

    Wrap front and back: to get a really tight jaw

    Mewing front and back: strong and sharp jaw

    To achieve these results, the author has trained himself – pressing his tongue into the sky as much as possible every time he thinks about it.

    Planting before and after: 2 years of conversion

    Pictures of 2 year development

    The author describes his method of integration:

    to maintain good posture

    chin tucks daily

    soft and hard mewing

    regular exercise to reduce fat percentage

    drinking plenty of water

    Interestingly, this effect was achieved without chewing gum jawline. Most likely, adding stress to the jaw can speed up and improve results.

    The effect of stopping breathing in the mouth and taking a good mouth position

    The image of a change of face after taking the correct tongue position – double chin is no longer present

    While it is clear that weight loss has had a profound effect, the author notes that he stopped breathing, maintained good posture, and maintained good posture.

    Planting before and after: 5 months

    Mewing reversal effects after 5 months (thinner skin shrinking under the chin).

    It only took him five months to completely change his appearance. Proper positioning of the tongue removes dull skin from under the chin and makes the chin and jaw stand out.

    Bathing before and after: women.

    Now let’s look at pictures of women before and after and see what the results look like.

    Like men, in the pictures of women before and after pictures you can quickly notice the difference:

    The lower jaw is prominent and pronounced.

    The double chin disappears or decreases significantly.

    The skin under the jaw is firm and free of wrinkles.

    All in all the face looks slim, healthy, and strong.

    Mewing before and after: the transformation of older women.

    Mewing before and after photo: old woman.

    This effect was achieved in only 4 years due to mewing, the author notes that he did nothing but put the right language. Still, the result is amazing – the skin moving under the chin is gone, the chin is done and sharp. The face usually looks healthy, strong, and attractive.

    Based on the experience of other people, it is safe to assume that the effect can be greatly enhanced by using a broader approach – standing exercises, facial exercises, and chewing.

    Women’s mewing effects: before and after photos.

    Mewing before and after pictures of the girl.

    This amazing result was achieved in less than a year, with tangible results already visible in the first 4 months.

    The author has combined mewing with standing exercises and proper chewing techniques.

    Mewing results for a 27-year-old adult woman.

    The author points out that this result was achieved through hard mewing and correcting the natural position of the tongue during rest, as well as correcting the posture.

    The whole process took 6 months and as a result, we have an expressive jaw without sagging skin and a beautiful profile.

    Mewing before and after: amazingly fast progress of a 24-year-old woman.

    Mewing Before and after photos of a 24-year-old woman.

    The author achieved an impressive jaw with just soft mewing. She recommends focusing on a proper tongue posture for a few weeks until it becomes a habit. She also practiced posture exercises to correct the forward head posture.

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