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    How to Unleash Aliexpress Coins for Maximum Savings

    To use aliexpress coins, select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout. Then, select the option to apply your coins towards your order.

    Aliexpress coins is a loyalty program that rewards buyers for shopping on its platform. As a buyer, you can earn coins by making purchases, leaving feedback, and participating in promotional activities. Each coin is equivalent to one currency unit, which can be applied to reduce the cost of your orders.

    You can use coins to purchase any item sold on aliexpress, including those with discounted prices. The process of using coins is straightforward; once you have added items to your shopping cart, proceed to the checkout page, and select the option to apply your coins towards your order. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using aliexpress coins and answer some frequently asked questions about the program.

    How to Unleash Aliexpress Coins for Maximum Savings


    Understanding Aliexpress Coins

    How To Use Aliexpress Coins: Understanding Aliexpress Coins

    If you’re an avid shopper on aliexpress, have you heard about aliexpress coins? Aliexpress coins are a loyalty reward programme for their customers. If you’re a regular shopper, understanding aliexpress coins can help you make the most of your shopping experience.

    This guide dives into everything you need to know about them.

    How To Earn Aliexpress Coins

    Aliexpress coins can be earned in four ways:

    • Daily sign in: Once you sign in to your aliexpress account, you’ll get 1 coin every day. This is the easiest way to earn coins.
    • Purchasing products: When you purchase products, you’ll receive coins, depending on the product’s price. However, there are a few exceptions such as gift cards, phone top-ups, and aliexpress coins themselves.
    • Promotional events: Aliexpress often has promotional events where you can earn more coins than usual, such as aliexpress’ anniversary sale or black friday. Keep an eye out for such sales to boost your coin collection.
    • Checking-in during the app launch time: New app launches usually come with aliexpress coins as bonuses.

    How To Check Your Coin Balance

    If you’re curious to learn how many coins you’ve collected so far, follow these simple steps:

    • Log in to your account
    • Hover over your name in the top right corner that will take you to your account section.
    • Click on ‘aliexpress pocket’ from the drop-down menu.
    • Here, you’ll see the current status of your coins and your history of transactions.

    The Value Of Each Coin

    Now that you know how to earn and check your coins, let’s move on to understanding the value of each coin. One coin is equivalent to one us dollar cent. Therefore, if you have 100 aliexpress coins, you can redeem them for 1 us dollar.

    However, do keep in mind that you can only use aliexpress coins when you have a minimum of 50 coins in your account.

    These are some simple ways to earn and use your aliexpress coins. Make sure to keep an eye on promotional events to boost your coin collection, remember to check-in daily, and keep tabs on your coin balance so you can make the most of your shopping on aliexpress.

    Strategies For Maximizing Aliexpress Coins

    If you’re an avid aliexpress shopper, you’re likely familiar with aliexpress coins – the platform’s rewards system that allows you to earn coins by completing certain actions such as signing up, leaving reviews, and making purchases. Once accumulated, these coins can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

    Here are some strategies to maximize your aliexpress coins:

    Timing Your Purchases To Coincide With Promotional Offers:

    Aliexpress regularly runs promotional offers that allow you to earn bonus coins for purchases made during a specific timeframe. It’s a good idea to time your purchases to coincide with these promotions to maximize your earnings. Keep an eye out for major events like black friday or cyber monday, as these offer some fantastic opportunities for earning coins.

    Choosing Eligible Products That Earn More Coins:

    Not all products on aliexpress will earn you the same amount of coins. Some products come with a higher coin earning rate than others. When shopping on aliexpress, choose items that offer a higher coin earning rate, allowing you to maximize your earning potential.

    Keep an eye out for products that offer the “coins rewards” icon on the product page.

    Utilizing Aliexpress Coin Coupons And Discounts:

    Once you’ve accumulated a significant number of aliexpress coins, you can start redeeming them for discounts on future purchases. Aliexpress offers a range of coin coupons and discounts that can be used to save money on your next purchase. Keep an eye out for these coupons and use them when making your next purchase to maximize your savings.

    By following these strategies, you can make the most out of aliexpress coins and maximize your earning potential. Don’t forget to also take advantage of other rewards programs on aliexpress, such as the aliexpress affiliate program and the aliexpress incentive plan, to earn even more rewards.

    Happy shopping!

    Redeeming Aliexpress Coins For Discounts

    How To Apply Coins For Discounts On Purchases

    If you’re an avid aliexpress shopper, chances are you’ve been collecting aliexpress coins for a while now. They’re a great way to save a bit of money on your next purchase! Here’s how you can apply your coins for discounts on your aliexpress purchases:

    • Go to the aliexpress website and sign in to your account.
    • Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart.
    • On the checkout page, you’ll see an option to “apply aliexpress select coupon”. Click on this option.
    • Choose the applicable coupon you want to use, and click “apply”. Your checkout total will automatically reflect the discount.

    Fine Print Surrounding Coin Redemption

    Before redeeming your aliexpress coins for discounts, there are a few important fine print details to keep in mind. These include:

    • Each coupon has a specific expiry date, so make sure to use it before it expires.
    • Coupons can only be used on specific items or categories of items. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of each coupon before applying it to your purchase.
    • Always check the minimum purchase amount required to use the coupon. If your purchase doesn’t meet the minimum amount, the coupon will not be applied.
    • You can only use one coupon per order, so choose the one with the highest discount that applies to your purchase.

    Calculation Of Coin Discount Amounts

    It’s important to understand how the discount from your aliexpress coins is calculated. The discount amount is based on the value of the coins you’ve earned:

    • Each coin is worth a certain amount in your local currency. For example, in the united states, one coin may be worth $0.01.
    • The discount amount is based on the number of coins you’re applying to your purchase. For example, if you have 100 coins, and each coin is worth $0.01, then your discount will be $1.00.
    • Keep in mind that the value of coins may vary depending on your country and the current exchange rate.

    Now that you know how to apply your aliexpress coins for discounts, and the fine print details surrounding coin redemption, you can start saving some money on your next aliexpress purchase. Happy shopping!

    Advanced Tips For Aliexpress Coins

    Aliexpress coins are a fantastic way to save you big bucks off your aliexpress orders. You can easily accumulate these digital rewards by completing simple tasks, and by spending more money on the platform. In this section, we will explore some advanced tips to help you get more out of your aliexpress coins and use them to their full potential.

    Utilizing Aliexpress Coins For Free Shipping

    Using aliexpress coins to get free shipping could save you a lot of money in the long run. Here are some pointers to help you make the most of this option:

    • Gather as many aliexpress coins as possible. The more coins you have, the more items you will be able to get shipped to you free of cost.
    • Check the item’s page to see if it is eligible for free shipping with aliexpress coins. There may be a threshold set by the sellers, and if you’ve accumulated enough aliexpress coins, you can use them to get the item shipped for free.

    Redeeming Coins For More Than Just Discounts On Purchases

    When most users think of aliexpress coins, they imagine redeeming them for discount coupons. However, there are other ways to use these coins, such as:

    • You can participate in auctions where the highest bidder wins the item, and aliexpress coins are used as the currency.
    • Gift cards for apps like google play, or even uber eats can be received in exchange for aliexpress coins as well.
    • You can use aliexpress coins to participate in lucky draws to win items or coupons. These draws are usually held on special occasions like black friday, cyber monday and so on.

    Strategies For Increasing Your Aliexpress Coin Balance

    Finally, the most crucial and interesting part for you- here are some tips to help you increase your aliexpress coin balance:

    • Make sure you earn all possible aliexpress coins by completing daily tasks, watching videos, and leaving reviews.
    • Try shopping during the platform’s promotional events to get the chance to earn extra aliexpress coins.
    • Use your aliexpress coins to complete specific tasks like spending a certain amount on aliexpress. This way, you will be gaining both coins and rewards for your purchase.
    • Consider becoming a member of aliexpress’s affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can set up special links to different product pages on aliexpress, and you will earn aliexpress coins and cash rewards for every person that buys an item using your link.

    By using aliexpress coins wisely, you can save big on your online shopping experience. Now that you know all the advanced tips of using aliexpress coins, why not give them a try?

    Frequently Asked Questions For How To Use Aliexpress Coins

    What Are Aliexpress Coins?

    Aliexpress coins are virtual currency used on aliexpress for discounts and rewards.

    How Can I Earn Aliexpress Coins?

    Aliexpress coins can be earned by completing certain tasks or spending money on aliexpress.

    How Do I Use Aliexpress Coins?

    You can use aliexpress coins to get discounts on products or to claim rewards on the aliexpress mobile app.

    Do Aliexpress Coins Expire?

    Yes, aliexpress coins expire after a certain period of time. Be sure to check when they expire and use them before then.

    Can I Use Aliexpress Coins On Any Product?

    Some products may not be eligible for aliexpress coin use. Check the product page or contact customer service to be sure.


    Using aliexpress coins can be an advantageous way to save money while shopping on the aliexpress platform. By completing certain tasks and making purchases, you can earn coins that can then be redeemed for discounts on future orders. Make sure to check your available coins regularly and take advantage of any promotions or deals that may be available.

    Additionally, keep in mind that coins have an expiration date, so it’s important to use them before they expire. By following these tips and tricks, you can maximize the benefits of aliexpress coins and enjoy even more savings on your favorite products.

    So, start shopping today and make the most out of the aliexpress coins program!

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