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    How to Disable Subtitles on Espn Plus: Quick and Easy Steps

    To turn off subtitles on espn plus, click on the gear icon during playback and select “off” under “subtitles.” Espn plus is a popular streaming service that enables sports fans worldwide to watch live and replays for different types of sports events.

    However, if you are not a fan of subtitles and wondering how to turn them off while streaming on espn plus, you’ve come to the right place. Turning off subtitles is simple and straightforward. Follow the given instructions, and within seconds you’ll be able to watch the game without any subtitles.

    Whether you’re using espn plus on your computer, mobile, or other devices, this guide is here to assist you in turning off subtitles quickly.

    How to Disable Subtitles on Espn Plus: Quick and Easy Steps


    Step-By-Step Guide To Disabling Subtitles

    Espn plus is one of the leading sports streaming services, providing users with access to live games, exclusive shows and documentaries. While the platform offers a range of features like closed captioning, not everyone wants subtitles while watching sports. If you’re one of those, then you’re in luck! In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of disabling subtitles on espn plus.

    How To Access Subtitles Settings On Different Devices

    Espn plus is accessible on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, apple tv and more. The process of disabling subtitles is different on each device. Here is a breakdown of how to access the subtitle settings:

    • On web browsers, click the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the media player. A dropdown menu will appear, and you can turn off subtitles from there.
    • For the espn app on smartphones and tablets, tap on the gear icon near the top right corner of your screen, select “subtitles and alternative audio” and toggle off the subtitles.
    • On apple tv, navigate to the settings icon on your home screen, select “apps” and scroll down to the espn app. Click on it, select “accessibility” and disable the closed captioning.

    Clear Instructions On How To Disable Subtitles On Espn Plus

    Now that you know how to access the subtitle settings, let’s dive into how to turn them off. Follow these easy steps:

    • Open the espn app or visit the website and select the content you want to watch.
    • Click on the gear icon located on the video player for web browsers or tap on the same icon located on the top right corner on the espn app.
    • Choose the subtitle option. On the espn app, select “subtitles and alternative audio.”
    • Toggle the subtitles off.

    And voila! You have successfully turned off subtitles on espn plus, and they will no longer appear when you watch a game or a show.

    Troubleshooting Tips For Users Who Encounter Difficulties

    In rare cases, users have reported difficulties with turning off subtitles on espn plus. Here are some steps to take if you have encountered some problems:

    • Make sure your espn plus app version is up to date
    • Try logging out of the app or website and logging back in
    • Check your device’s audio settings to ensure they’re not set to ‘mute’
    • Contact espn plus support for further assistance

    Turning off subtitles on espn plus is a simple process. By following this step-by-step guide, you can enjoy your favorite sports content without any subtitles!

    Benefits Of Disabling Subtitles On Espn Plus

    If you are an espn plus user, you might have noticed that the default setting for the platform is to have subtitles turned on. However, turning off the subtitles can provide several benefits for non-hearing impaired users. We will discuss the advantages of disabling subtitles on espn plus.

    Improved Viewing Experience For Non-Hearing Impaired Users

    Disabling subtitles on espn plus in some instances can provide a more enjoyable viewing experience. The following are some of the reasons why:

    • The screen will have a clearer view without the text clutter at the bottom of the screen.
    • The subtitles can be a distraction, especially when they do not sync with the audio. By turning them off, you can fully concentrate on the content.

    Enhanced Immersion In The Content

    With subtitles turned off, you will not be reading the text at the bottom of the screen, allowing for more immersive viewing. The following are some benefits of having no subtitles:

    • The dialogue will not be obscured by the text, which can help you focus on the action and emotions being portrayed.
    • The sound effects and music will be more pronounced, adding to the overall experience.

    Increased Ease Of Understanding The Content For Some Users

    Turning off the subtitles can make the content more accessible to some viewers. Here are some reasons why:

    • Some people may have difficulty reading subtitles or keeping up with the text.
    • Non-native english speakers sometimes find it challenging to read and listen at the same time. Thus, turning off the subtitles can help improve the comprehension of the content.

    Disabling subtitles on espn plus can provide several benefits to non-hearing impaired users, including an improved viewing experience, enhanced immersion in the content, and increased ease of understanding for some viewers. Try turning them off the next time you stream on espn plus and experience the difference.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Turn Off Subtitles On Espn Plus: Frequently Asked Questions

    Subtitles or captions are a useful feature on espn plus that enhances user experience. However, not everyone prefers to have subtitles enabled. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the disabling of subtitles and their answers:

    Why Are Subtitles Enabled By Default?

    When you first begin using espn plus, subtitles are enabled by default to enhance users’ experience. This is particularly useful for hard-of-hearing or deaf users. Subtitles save fans the hassle of missing important moments.

    What Are The Benefits Of Subtitles On Espn Plus?

    Subtitles are beneficial to users of different language backgrounds and hard-of-hearing or deaf fans. The feature provides access to wider audiences and enhances clarity.

    How Can I Disable Subtitles On Espn Plus?

    If you prefer not to have subtitles on your espn plus, you can disable them. Here’s how:

    • Launch the espn plus app or navigate to the espn plus website and log in.
    • Begin streaming a match or show.
    • Tap on the screen or click the mouse to display the options.
    • Click on the ‘cc’ icon to find the option to ‘turn off subtitles.’
    • Once the subtitles are disabled, the ‘cc’ icon will no longer be highlighted.
    • Enjoy your viewing experience caption-free.

    How Can I Enable Subtitles Again If I Need Them?

    Enabling subtitles on espn plus is just as simple as disabling them. Follow these steps:

    • Begin streaming your preferred match or show.
    • Tap on the screen or click the mouse to display the options.
    • Click on the ‘cc’ icon.
    • Choose the language you wish to enable subtitles for.
    • Once you have selected the language of your preference, subtitles will display.
    • Enjoy your viewing experience with subtitles.

    Disabling or enabling subtitles in espn plus is not a daunting task. Follow the simple steps outlined above to have a fantastic streaming experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions For How To Turn Off Subtitles On Espn Plus

    How Do I Turn Off Subtitles On Espn Plus?

    To turn off subtitles on espn plus, go to the setting, select closed captions, and click off. Also, make sure that the video you’re watching supports the option to turn off subtitles.

    Why Are Subtitles Showing On Espn Plus?

    Espn plus provides subtitles for viewers’ convenience who want to follow along with the content. If you have enabled subtitles while watching, they will show on your screen. However, you can disable them anytime by going to the settings.

    Can I Adjust The Font Size Of Subtitles?

    Unfortunately, espn plus does not allow you to adjust the font size of subtitles. However, you can choose from different closed caption settings available and select the font size that works best for you.

    Are Subtitles Available On All Espn Plus Content?

    No, subtitles are not available on some content on espn plus, like live tv channels. However, most on-demand content like movies and series will have subtitles available.

    How Do I Know If A Show Or Movie Has Subtitles?

    You can identify if a show or movie on espn plus has subtitles by looking for “cc” or “closed caption” symbol on the program’s description or the video player controls. If the symbol is present, subtitles are available and can be turned on or off as per your preference.


    Now that you know how to turn off subtitles on espn plus, you can enjoy watching your favorite sports events without any distractions. Subtitles can sometimes hinder your viewing experience, but with these simple steps, you can easily turn them off.

    Whether it’s because you don’t need them or simply find them annoying, being able to switch them off can enhance your experience and make watching sports more enjoyable. Remember to follow the step-by-step instructions we’ve provided and to adjust your device settings accordingly.

    It’s also important to note that espn plus offers features such as closed captions for those who are hard of hearing or deaf. We hope this guide was helpful to you and that you can now enjoy watching espn plus without any distractions.

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