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    Lowering Your Fps: Effective Methods to Reduce Airsoft Joules

    To reduce fps airsoft, the easiest way is to change the spring. To do this, you will need to disassemble your airsoft gun and replace the spring with a lower power one.

    Airsoft enthusiasts know the importance of maintaining their equipment for peak performance. One of the essential aspects of airsoft upkeep involves adjusting the fps (feet per second), especially for those who prefer a lower power range. High fps can affect shot accuracy, increase the risk of injury, and even make your airsoft weapon illegal in some places.

    In this article, we’ll cover some tips on reducing fps for your airsoft rifle and pistol. We’ll discuss how to replace the spring, use barrel spacers, and even share some safety tips to ensure you don’t exceed safety limits.

    Lowering Your Fps: Effective Methods to Reduce Airsoft Joules


    Introduction To Airsoft Joules

    Airsoft is a thrilling sport that is enjoyed by many enthusiasts worldwide. Every airsoft player strives for accuracy, precision, and safety when playing. However, one significant aspect of airsoft gameplay that players should always keep in mind is the airsoft joules.

    You will learn why is it crucial to reduce airsoft joules to maintain safety and enjoy airsoft game time.

    Explanation And Definition Of Airsoft Joules

    Airsoft joules can be defined as the measurement used to indicate the intensity of an airsoft weapon’s projectile. It calculates the kinetic energy of the pellets as they leave the gun barrel. In airsoft, pellets are designed to mimic real bullets; thus, the higher the joules, the stronger and more hazardous the shots become.

    The joules measurement is calculated using the following formula: joules = (bullet weight x fps^2) / 450240.

    The Importance Of Reducing Airsoft Joules

    Reducing airsoft joules is vital for several reasons, and they include:

    • Safety: A higher airsoft joules output poses a safety risk as the pellets shoot at speeds that can cause harm to players. A projectile with high joules can break skin, bones or even cause serious injury. Therefore, it is critical to reduce airsoft joules to protect players’ safety.
    • Legal reasons: Airsoft weapons with higher joules ratings are often prohibited in some countries or places where an airsoft game is played. To avoid running into trouble with the law, airsoft players must ensure that their weapons have legal joules limits.
    • Better gameplay experience: Lowering airsoft joules can enhance your overall playing experience by making it possible for all players, regardless of skill level, to participate safely. Moreover, it allows for a more inclusive game for players with different types of airsoft guns, creating a level playground for all participants.
    • Longer-lasting equipment: Lowering airsoft joules can extend the lifespan of your airsoft gun and reduce the risk of significant or permanent damage to the rifle, gearbox, or any essential components in the gun.

    Reducing airsoft joules is imperative to ensure player safety and improve gameplay experience. To achieve this, airsoft enthusiasts should know the joules calculation formula and ensure that their airsoft weapons adhere to their country or state’s guidelines.

    Understanding Fps Limits

    Overview Of Fps Limits

    Airsoft is a game played using replica guns that shoot plastic bbs. This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but it is particularly popular amongst young adults. However, it is important to ensure safe play and prevent injury by setting limits on fps (feet per second).

    Rules on fps limits may vary depending on the location, type of gun, and the game being played. Generally, airsoft guns have a maximum fps limit of 400, 350, and 300 for outdoor, indoor, and close-quarter combat games, respectively.

    How To Measure Fps

    To measure fps, you will require a chronograph, which is a device that can measure the speed of a bb as it is released from the gun. Here is a step-by-step guide on measuring fps:

    • Use a weighing scale to get the weight of the bbs that you will be using.
    • Prepare the gun with the bbs you weighed. Ensure that it is unloaded and on safety mode.
    • Place the gun muzzle in front of the chronograph, ensuring that the optic sensors can detect the bb once it is fired.
    • Release the bb by pulling the trigger.
    • Record the highest fps displayed by the chronograph. Repeat the test a few times to get an average fps result.

    Effects Of High Fps On Airsoft Players

    The effects of high fps on airsoft players can be detrimental and can compromise player safety. It is important to understand these effects to avoid undesirable consequences. Here are some outcomes of high fps:

    • Increased risk of injury: The higher the fps, the more forceful the bbs upon impact. Players with higher fps guns can cause more damage to other players, resulting in injuries.
    • Low accuracy: Higher fps guns may lead to lower accuracy in shooting, as they may cause the bbs to deviate from their flightpath.
    • Reduced enjoyment: High fps limits might limit the type of guns a player can use and may reduce the enjoyment of the game.

    By understanding these effects, airsoft players and the governing bodies can set reasonable and safe fps limits for the game.

    Remember, safety is crucial in airsoft, and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that everyone is playing safely.

    Methods For Lowering Fps

    Airsoft is an exciting sport that requires precision and accuracy from its players. However, if your gun’s fps (feet per second) is too high, it can negatively impact the overall experience. Fortunately, there are methods for lowering fps that you can explore.

    In this blog post, we will discuss some ways to reduce fps in airsoft guns.

    Upgrading Airsoft Guns With Lower Fps Parts

    If you’re looking to reduce your airsoft gun’s fps permanently, upgrading certain parts can be a great solution. Here are some parts you can replace to lower your gun’s fps:

    • Spring: Swapping out your current spring for a lower powered one can help reduce fps.
    • Cylinder: Chambers with larger holes can decrease fps while those with smaller holes will increase it.
    • Nozzle: A shorter nozzle can help reduce fps.
    • Piston head: A low-flow piston head can reduce fps.

    Using Heavier Bbs

    Using heavier bbs is a simple method to lower fps without making any significant changes to your gun. Here are some advantages of using heavier bbs:

    • Reduced fps: Heavier bbs have a lower fps, which can be beneficial for players who need to lower their gun’s fps.
    • Increased accuracy: Heavier bbs are less affected by wind and provide more consistency in shots, which can help improve accuracy.

    Installing Simple Restrictors

    Simple restrictors can help reduce the amount of air passed through your gun, which can significantly lower the fps. Here are some methods of installing restrictors:

    • Hop-up: Install a hop-up spacer to reduce air flow and decrease fps.
    • Air nozzle restrictor: This limits the amount of air that travels from the nozzle to the bb, reducing the fps.
    • Barrel bore reducer: Such a reducer decreases the bore size of the barrel slightly, which reduces fps.

    Spring Tension Adjustment

    Another way to lower fps is by adjusting the spring tension. Here’s how to do it:

    • Open your gearbox and replace the spring with a lower powered one.
    • Using a spring compressor, adjust the length of the spring to achieve the desired fps.
    • Replace the spring and adjust as needed until you get the desired fps.

    Lowering fps is crucial if you want to participate in airsoft games that have fps limits. The above methods are effective ways to decrease fps without sacrificing the accuracy and consistency of your shots. So, choose the method that suits you the best and level up your airsoft game!

    Safety Measures When Lowering Fps

    Importance Of Safety For Airsoft Players When Reducing Fps

    Airsoft is a fun sport where players use replica firearms that shoot small plastic pellets. It can be a very enjoyable hobby, but it’s also important to keep safety in mind. When it comes to reducing fps, it’s important to take appropriate safety measures to prevent unnecessary accidents.

    Here are some key points to keep in mind to stay safe while lowering fps:

    • Know your limit: Make sure you know the recommended fps for your airsoft gun. This information is usually available from the manufacturer or your local airsoft dealer. Make sure to read the guidelines and follow them when working to reduce your fps.
    • Use proper tools: Always use the right tools and equipment when making adjustments to your airsoft gun. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally damage your gun, or worse, injure yourself.
    • Check for damage: Before making any changes to your airsoft gun, check for signs of damage. Damaged parts like springs or gears can cause serious injury or even death if not replaced before making any adjustments.
    • Test and repeat: After making any changes to your airsoft gun, always do a test fire to check the fps. If it still exceeds the recommended limit, repeat the process until you reach the desired fps.

    Protective Gear For Airsoft Players

    Protective gear is essential for airsoft players to keep themselves safe while playing. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

    • Eye protection: Eye protection is essential. It is recommended to wear goggles or glasses that are rated to withstand the impact of bbs. Make sure they are properly secured and provide a clear view.
    • Face masks: For players who want additional protection, face masks can be worn to protect the face, teeth and mouth. They also provide an added layer of protection against bbs and other debris.
    • Body armor: In high-powered airsoft games, players may choose to wear body armor to provide further protection against bbs and other impacts.

    Remember, your safety should always be your top priority when playing airsoft. Be sure to follow all safety measures, use the right protective gear and never exceed the recommended fps for your airsoft gun.

    Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Reduce Fps Airsoft

    How Do I Reduce Fps On My Airsoft Gun?

    To reduce fps on your airsoft gun, install a weaker spring, switch to a lighter weight bb, and adjust the hop-up system. You can also reduce fps by shortening the inner barrel or adding a silencer.

    What Is The Ideal Fps For Airsoft Guns?

    The ideal fps for airsoft guns varies depending on the field regulations and game type. Most airsoft fields have a limit of around 400 fps for aegs and 500 fps for sniper rifles.

    How Can I Measure Fps On My Airsoft Gun?

    You can measure fps on your airsoft gun using a chronograph. Place your gun in the chronograph and fire to get an accurate reading of the velocity. Ensure that your gun is shooting within the field’s fps limit.

    Why Is High Fps Dangerous For Airsoft Players?

    High fps is dangerous for airsoft players as it can cause serious injury, especially if the bb hits an unprotected area of the body. Additionally, high fps can damage the airsoft gun itself, reducing its lifespan.

    Can I Reduce Fps Without Upgrading My Airsoft Gun?

    Yes, you can reduce fps without upgrading your airsoft gun by using lighter bbs, adjusting the hop-up system, and shortening the inner barrel. However, these methods may not be as effective as upgrading the internal components of the gun.

    Does Reducing Fps Affect Accuracy?

    Reducing fps can affect accuracy in some cases, as it may cause the bb to drop faster or be affected by wind more easily. However, adjusting the hop-up system can help compensate for any loss in accuracy caused by reducing fps.


    Overall, reducing your airsoft gun’s fps can be a simple and manageable task that can improve your gameplay experience. From adjusting your spring to using heavier bbs, there are multiple approaches you can take depending on your preferences and needs.

    Before making any modifications, consider your field’s fps limitations and communicate with other players. Keep track of your fps measurements and make adjustments as needed. Most importantly, prioritize safety and responsible gun handling while on the field. By taking these steps, you can not only enjoy airsofting to the fullest but also contribute to a positive and responsible airsoft community.

    Remember, fps isn’t everything, and with the right approach, you can have a fun and enjoyable experience while staying safe.

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