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    How to Lace Huaraches: A Step-by-Step Guide

    To lace huaraches, begin by threading the leather through the heel holes and then creating a loop. Huaraches are traditional mexican sandals with a unique woven design.

    They are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for warm weather. However, some people may find lacing them to be a little difficult. In this article, we will explain how to lace huaraches in a simple and easy-to-follow manner. Our step-by-step guide will help you to lace your huaraches in no time.

    We will also offer some tips on how to keep your huaraches looking clean and well-maintained. So, if you’re ready to rock your new pair of huaraches, let’s get started!

    How to Lace Huaraches: A Step-by-Step Guide


    Understanding Huaraches And Their Lacing Styles

    Huaraches are traditional mexican sandals that have been around for centuries. They are made of woven leather strips, and some are even decorated with colorful patterns and designs. Huaraches have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their unique style and comfort.

    What Are Huaraches?

    Huaraches are ancient footwear that have been used by indigenous people in mexico for centuries. They are made from woven leather strips that are secured to the sole of the shoe, creating a sandal that is both comfortable and durable.

    Huaraches are designed to mold to the shape of the wearer’s foot, making them a comfortable and personalized fit.

    Different Types Of Huaraches Available In The Market

    There are several different types of huaraches available in the market. Some of the most common varieties include:

    • Traditional: This is the classic huarache style that features a woven leather upper, with a rubber or leather sole.
    • Closed toe: This style has a closed toe section to help protect your toes.
    • Gladiator: A huarache gladiator sandal features a more extensive woven leather pattern and looks similar to traditional roman sandals.
    • Platform: Huaraches with a platform sole provide additional height and a more modern style.

    Importance Of Lacing For Huaraches

    Lacing is an essential component of huaraches as it helps to keep the leather straps in place, providing the right amount of tension and support. Proper lacing ensures a comfortable and secure fit, which is essential for any sandal, especially huaraches.

    The right lacing technique also helps to adjust the fit of the huaraches to match the wearer’s foot shape, making sure that they are comfortable to wear for extended periods.

    Proper lacing can also enhance the appearance of your huaraches by showcasing their unique design and structure. Different lacing techniques like crisscross, straight bar, and fishbone can produce different visual effects and elevating the look of your huaraches.

    Understanding different types of huaraches, their history, and various lacing techniques can help you choose the right pair of shoes that’s suitable for your taste and your feet. Proper lacing is key to a comfortable and secure fit and can help highlight the unique features of each pair of huaraches.

    Basic Huarache Lacing Styles

    Huaraches are a traditional mexican sandal made of leather strips woven together. One of the essential parts of making a pair of huaraches is lacing them correctly. Here are some popular and widely used huarache lacing styles:


    Step-by-step instruction for x-lacing:

    • Start lacing from the underside of the sandal and bring the lace up through the two holes on the right.
    • Take the lace, cross it over, and reinsert it through the same holes on the left side.
    • Take the lace and bring it up through the row above the first row and the hole on the right.
    • Take the lace and cross it over to the first hole on the left side of the sandal.
    • Continue this pattern alternatively until all the holes are laced.

    Advantages of x-lacing:

    • It helps in keeping the foot in place.
    • It provides good support to the arch of the foot.
    • It helps in keeping the foot comfortable and avoids any slippage.

    Disadvantages of x-lacing:

    • It takes time to create this huarache lacing style.
    • It might be complicated for beginners.

    Huarache Sandals Lacing

    Step-by-step instruction for huarache sandals lacing:

    • Start lacing the sandal from the outside hole on the left side, taking the lace to the inside hole on the right side.
    • Cross the lace over and bring it to the outside hole on the right side, taking it to the left inside hole again.
    • Pull the lace tight to create the required tension.
    • Now, take the lace from the outside hole of the right side and bring it to the inside hole on the left side.
    • Cross the lace over again and take it to the outside hole on the left side.
    • Repeat this process until all the holes are laced.

    Advantages of huarache sandals lacing:

    • It has a simple and easy-to-follow pattern.
    • It gives good support to the foot.

    Disadvantages of huarache sandals lacing:

    • It might not be as secure as other lacing styles.
    • It may cause discomfort in the absence of proper tension.

    Lacing huaraches is an essential part of creating these traditional sandals. There are various lacing styles available, but x-lacing and huarache sandals lacing are the basics. You can select the one that suits you the most based on comfort, style, and individual preference.

    Alternative Lacing Styles For Huaraches

    When it comes to lacing huaraches, the traditional running sandals from mexico, there is far more than one lacing technique. Alternative lacing styles offer a unique appearance, additional safety, and enhanced comfort to suit different preferences and uses. Here’s a brief guide on the most popular lacing methods:

    Introduction To Alternative Lacing Styles

    Alternative lacing styles are lacing techniques other than the traditional one used for huaraches. These techniques offer a range of benefits, including better security, increased flexibility, and a twist on the classic lacing style.

    Ladder Lacing

    Ladder lacing is a popular huaraches lacing style for runners, hikers, and active individuals. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to achieve a ladder lacing style for your huaraches:

    • Starting on the left side, thread the lace via the bottom hole, initiating up towards the second hole.
    • Then transfer the right lace through the same hole where the left lace had initiated.
    • Cross the left lace over to the hole straight across, and combine it with the lace on the right side.
    • Take both laces up to the top of the subsequent hole and thread them down, creating a loop.
    • Continue this pattern until you reach the top hole.

    Ladder lacing offers a secure, snug fit that is perfect for outdoor activities.

    Double-Loop Lacing

    Double-loop lacing adds a decorative and unique flair to huaraches, but it’s also perfect for walkers who desire a flexible, laid-back feel. Here’s how to do it:

    • Insert one side of the lace into the bottom hole and pull it out from the opposite side.
    • Do the same with the other side of the lace.
    • Wrap each end of the laces around the huaraches itself, taking it over the back of the sandal and weaving it between the toe string.
    • Loop each lace over the opposite side, back behind the huaraches, and back up over the toe strap.
    • Tie in a knot at the top.

    Double-loop lacing offers flexibility, comfort, and a unique appearance that stands out from the crowd.

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alternative Lacing Styles

    Here are the pros and cons of alternative lacing styles:


    • Huarache lacing styles can improve comfort and fit
    • Secure lacing styles, such as ladder lacing, can make activities like running more reliable
    • Lacing styles like double-loop lacing can add a unique flair to the classic huarache look


    • Certain lacing styles may require more time or effort to tie
    • Some lacing styles may feel too loose or uncomfortable

    Alternative lacing styles are an excellent way to adjust huaraches’ fit and appearance to meet different styles, preferences, and needs. Whether you’re in need of additional security and safety, or you’re up for a unique style twist, there’s a perfect lacing style for everyone.

    Faqs About Lacing Huaraches

    Lacing huaraches can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re new to them. But don’t worry, we’ve put together this guide to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions about lacing huaraches. So let’s dive in!

    Can I Customize The Lacing Style According To My Needs?

    Yes, absolutely! Lacing huaraches can be a fun way to customize your look and make them uniquely yours. Here are a few popular styles you can try:

    • Traditional style: This is the classic way of lacing huaraches. The laces are woven through the straps in a crisscross pattern, creating a snug fit.
    • X-style: In this style, the laces are woven through the straps in an “x” pattern. It gives a slightly different look and can be a bit looser than the traditional style.
    • Straight-laced style: As the name suggests, this style is created by lacing the huaraches straight across the straps instead of in a crisscross pattern. It’s a popular choice for those looking for a looser fit.

    How Tight Should I Tie My Huaraches?

    The level of tightness you prefer is entirely up to you. However, keep in mind that huaraches may stretch slightly over time, so it’s better to start with a snug fit. A good rule of thumb is to lace them tightly enough so your foot doesn’t slide around in the sandal but loosely enough so you can wiggle your toes comfortably.

    Can I Achieve Different Aesthetics With Different Lacing Styles?

    Yes! Different lacing styles can give your huaraches a unique and stylish look. Here are a few examples:

    • The traditional style is timeless and versatile, making it a great option for any outfit or occasion.
    • The x-style is a little more casual and relaxed, perfect for a day out with friends or a trip to the beach.
    • The straight-laced style is a bold choice that can add a modern touch to any outfit.

    Overall, lacing huaraches is a personal preference, and there’s no one right way to do it. Experiment with different styles and find the one that suits you best. With a little practice, you’ll be lacing your huaraches like a pro in no time!

    Tips And Tricks For Lacing Huaraches

    Lacing up your huaraches may seem straightforward, but with a few simple tips and tricks, you can ensure a more comfortable fit and keep the lacing in good condition for longer. Below are some helpful hints to get the most out of your huaraches.

    Finding The Right Fit For Your Huaraches

    • Start by selecting the right size huarache for your foot. Check the size chart carefully, and if you’re in between sizes, opt for the larger size.
    • The huarache should fit snugly around the foot without feeling tight. Use the adjustable lacing to create a custom fit.
    • Ensure the toe strap is not too loose, as this could lead to sliding and blisters.
    • If you are new to huaraches, allow a few days for your feet to adjust to the new sensation.

    Maintaining The Lacing Of Your Huaraches

    • Check the lacing regularly for wear and tear. If you notice any fraying, replace the laces promptly.
    • Keep the lacing clean by gently washing with warm water and soap and allowing to air dry. Avoid exposing the huaraches to direct sunlight or high heat to prevent damage.
    • After washing, re-fit the lacing and adjust as necessary for comfort.

    Experimenting With Different Lacing Styles To Find Your Perfect Fit

    • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lacing styles to find the perfect fit for your feet. The simplest style is the traditional huarache lacing, but there are plenty of variations to try.
    • The x strap style is popular for those with a flat or low arch, while the t strap style is ideal for those with high arches.
    • You can also adjust the lacing for a more secure fit during exercise, such as adding an extra knot at the heel.
    • Remember to keep the lacing snug but not too tight, and adjust as needed to ensure a comfortable fit.

    With these tips and tricks, you can enjoy your huaraches for longer and find the perfect fit for your feet. Keep your lacing in good condition, and don’t be afraid to experiment to find the perfect style for your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions For How To Lace Huaraches

    How Do I Determine The Lacing Length For My Huaraches Sandals?

    Measure the length of your foot and add an extra inch and a half to the measurement. Then add 16 inches to that item’s length. This sum represents the entire length of lace that you’ll need for your huaraches.

    How Do I Create The Perfect Fit With Huaraches Lacing?

    Adjust the ankle strap according to your comfort level. Your foot should be snug but relaxed on the sole. Using the remaining or surplus lace, you can tie around the ankle several times to make sure the sandal remains in place.

    How Do I Weave The Laces Into My Huaraches?

    Weave the lace through the holes on the top edge of the sandal, starting from the outside and going to the center of the toeline. Continue with the opposite lace and weave it through the opposite holes in the same manner until you reach the end of the sandal.

    Repeat this process for the other sandal.

    What Materials Are Used In Huaraches Lacing?

    Huaraches lacing is typically made from thin, flexible leather strip or cord. Some people interchangeably use synthetic or rubber materials. You can also get jute or cotton twine laces for your huaraches.

    How Long Does It Take To Lace A Pair Of Huaraches?

    Lacing huaraches is a time-consuming task that requires skill and patience to complete. However, with practice, it will take around 30-45 minutes for both lacing to complete. Beginners must keep this in mind and have patience while creating their first huarache pair.


    Now that you have learned how to lace your huaraches, you can experience a better and comfortable fit. It is important to choose the right lacing pattern that suits your style and desired level of comfort. With various lacing techniques, you have the option to adjust the tightness of the laces to fit your feet.

    Moreover, it is essential to check that your huaraches are securely fastened to prevent slipping while walking or running. We hope that this guide has helped you become more knowledgeable in lacing your huaraches. If you still have difficulty in lacing your huaraches, do not hesitate to ask for help or refer to these guidelines.

    Now, lace up and get ready to explore your surroundings in comfort and style. Happy lacing!

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