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    How to Easily Break in Your New Converse Sneakers

    To break in converse, wear them for short periods at first and gradually increase the time as they loosen up. Converse shoes are a classic and versatile choice for any outfit, but they can be notoriously stiff and uncomfortable when new.

    Breaking them in properly is essential for avoiding blisters and getting the most out of your pair. In this article, we’ll tackle the best methods for breaking in converse, including wearing them around the house, using a blow dryer, stuffing them with socks and walking on different surfaces.

    Whether you’re a seasoned wearer or new to the brand, these tips will ensure that your converse sneakers are as comfortable as they are stylish.

    How to Easily Break in Your New Converse Sneakers


    Why Breaking In Your Converse Sneakers Is Important

    Breaking in your converse sneakers is important because it helps enhance the comfort and fit of your shoes. Additionally, it also affects the overall durability, so it is crucial to learn the proper ways of breaking in your converse sneakers.

    Importance Of Comfort And Fit

    Wearing a comfortable, well-fitted pair of converse sneakers will make all the difference in your daily routine. Here’s why:

    • Properly fitting shoes help prevent blisters and calluses on your feet and toes
    • A well-fitted pair of shoes can diminish the chances of ankle rolls
    • Wearing comfortable shoes can help alleviate foot pain and promote healthy posture

    Breaking in your converse sneakers allows the shoes to mold to the shape of your feet, which will ultimately make them feel like a second skin. It will take some time for the sneakers to be comfortable, but it is worth the wait.

    How Breaking In Affects Overall Durability Of Your Sneakers

    When you wear new shoes, they need to be broken in so you can get the longest lifespan out of them. Here are some reasons to break in your converse sneakers properly:

    • Breaking them in gently will help the shoes retain their shape, making them last longer
    • If you wear your shoes without breaking them in, it can cause wear and tear on the soles and seams.
    • It can help prevent your converse sneakers from becoming too loose, which can occur if you wear them right out of the box

    Making sure that you break in your converse sneakers the right way will help maximize their lifespan, guaranteeing you will enjoy your cool shoes for longer.

    Step-By-Step Guide To Breaking In Your Converse Sneakers

    If you’ve recently purchased a shiny new pair of converse sneakers, you may be anxious to take them out for a spin. However, converse sneakers can feel incredibly stiff and uncomfortable straight out of the box. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to break them in and make them more comfortable.

    Here is a step-by-step guide to breaking in your converse sneakers:

    Choosing The Right Size And Style

    Before you start breaking in your converse sneakers, it’s important to ensure that you’ve chosen the right size and style that suits you best. Here are some tips for choosing the right size and style of converse sneakers:

    • Measure your feet: It’s vital to measure your feet to determine your correct size before buying converse sneakers.
    • Choose the right style: The classic chuck taylor all stars come in high-top and low-top versions, and both have different looks and offer distinct support. So choose the style that suits your needs.
    • Try walking around: Before buying converse, take a walk around the store in them to make sure they fit correctly.

    Softening The Material

    Converse sneakers are made of stiff canvas material that needs to be softened before you can wear them comfortably. Here are some easy ways to soften the material:

    • Wear with socks: Start wearing your converse sneakers with thick socks to break in the material.
    • Use a hairdryer: Blow the shoes with a hairdryer for a few minutes to soften the fabric.

    Gradually Increasing Wear-Time

    To ensure your sneakers are well broken-in, avoid wearing them for long hours straight away. Instead, follow these suggestions:

    • Wear your shoes around your home: Start by wearing your converse for just a few hours daily around your home.
    • Take it slow: Try to increase your wear-time gradually. For example, you can wear your converse sneakers for an additional hour each day until you can wear them comfortably for a full day without discomfort.

    Stretching The Sneakers

    If your converse sneakers still feel tight or uncomfortable, you can try stretching them out. Here are some ways to stretch the sneakers:

    • Use a shoe stretcher: You can purchase a shoe stretcher that will stretch them out for you, helping to expand the width or length.
    • Wear thick socks: Wear your sneakers with thick socks, and tightly lace them up. Then use a hairdryer to warm up the tight area and walk around with thick socks for a bit.
    • Stuff the sneakers: Place a couple of balled-up socks inside each shoe overnight to help widen them a little.

    By following the above steps, you can break in your new converse sneakers with the utmost ease and comfort. So go ahead, hit the streets with style and confidence.

    Tips And Techniques For Breaking In Your Converse Sneakers Faster

    Breaking in new converse sneakers can be uncomfortable and painful, but it isn’t something you should avoid. Breaking them in properly can ensure a perfect fit and prevent painful blisters. Here are some tips and techniques for breaking in your converse sneakers faster that will help you put your best foot forward.

    Wearing Thick Socks

    Wearing thick socks is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to break in your converse sneakers. Follow these simple steps:

    • Wear a pair of thick socks that you would wear in your sneakers.
    • Put on your converse sneakers and walk around in them for a few hours.
    • The thick socks will stretch out the shoes and reduce the amount of pressure on your feet.
    • Repeat this process multiple times until they fit comfortably.

    Using A Hairdryer

    The heat from a hairdryer is an effective way of softening the material of your converse sneakers. Here’s how to use a hairdryer to break them in:

    • Put on a pair of thick socks.
    • Blow hot air on the parts of the shoe that need stretching.
    • Continue until the targeted areas feel warm and soft
    • Walk around immediately to mold the sneakers to your feet while they are warm and flexible.
    • Repeat this process until they fit comfortably.

    Rolling The Sneakers

    Rolling your converse sneakers is another way to break them in. Here are the steps:

    • Put on a pair of thick socks.
    • Roll the toe area back and forth with your hands for a few minutes. This stretches the material and softens the fibers for easier shaping.
    • Put on your sneakers and walk around for a few hours.

    Freezing The Sneakers

    This method may seem strange, but freezing your sneakers is a convenient and effective way of breaking them in.

    • Fill two plastic bags halfway with water.
    • Make sure the bags are airtight and can fit inside each other.
    • Put the bag of water inside the second bag, and place it inside your converse sneakers.
    • The bags should fill the width of the sneaker.
    • Place them in the freezer overnight.
    • Once the water is fully frozen, remove the bag from the sneaker and defrost them.
    • Your sneakers should fit more comfortably now.

    By following these tips and techniques, you can break in your converse sneakers faster and make them comfortable to wear in no time!

    Common Mistakes To Avoid When Breaking In Your Converse Sneakers

    Breaking In Your Converse Sneakers: Common Mistakes To Avoid

    If you’re a fan of converse sneakers, you know that breaking them in can be a challenge. The stiff canvas material and narrow cut can make them uncomfortable at first. But making some simple mistakes in the process can make things worse.

    Here are some common mistakes to avoid when breaking in your converse sneakers.

    Over-Stretching The Material

    Converse sneakers are made with a sturdy canvas that’s meant to last. But, if you stretch them too much or too quickly, you can damage the material. Here are some points to keep in mind:

    • Wear your converse sneakers with socks that are the same thickness as the ones that you’ll usually wear with them. Avoid wearing multiple pairs.
    • Use a shoehorn to avoid crushing the heel of the shoe. This will help you ease your foot into the shoe without too much resistance.
    • Avoid lacing your converse sneakers too tightly. Allow room for your feet to breathe and adjust to the shoe.

    Wearing The Sneakers For Too Long Too Soon

    Many people make the mistake of wearing their converse sneakers for extended periods from day one. This can cause pain and damage to your feet. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    • Slowly increase the length of time you wear your converse sneakers each day. Start with a half-hour, then gradually increase by half-hour increments.
    • If you feel any discomfort or pain, stop wearing your converse sneakers and rest your feet. Wait until the pain is completely gone before continuing.
    • Avoid wearing your converse sneakers for strenuous physical activity. They are not designed for sports and could cause injury.

    Neglecting To Take Care Of The Sneakers Properly

    Converse sneakers require some maintenance to keep them looking new and to extend their life. Here are some points to keep in mind:

    • Clean your converse sneakers with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Avoid washing them in a machine.
    • Allow your converse sneakers to air dry when they get wet. Avoid putting them in a dryer or using heat to dry them.
    • Apply a canvas conditioner to the shoe to keep them looking new and to avoid cracking.

    By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll be able to break in your converse sneakers comfortably and enjoy them for years to come.

    Maintaining Your Broken-In Converse Sneakers

    Breaking in converse sneakers can be a bit of a challenge, but once you’ve achieved this feat, you’ll never want to take them off. Get ready to enjoy the perfect combination of style and comfort that only a well-worn pair of converse shoes can provide.

    We’ll be looking at some tips for maintaining your broken-in converse sneakers.

    Proper Cleaning Techniques

    Keeping your converse sneakers clean is essential to extend their longevity. Here are some tips to properly clean your converse shoes:

    • Always wash your shoes by hand or in the washing machine using cold water.
    • Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. Instead, use a mild detergent and spot clean any tough stains.
    • Scrub the shoes gently with a soft brush to avoid damaging any delicate materials, such as canvas or leather.
    • Allow your shoes to air dry. Avoid using any heat source as this can warp the rubber sole and cause the shoes to lose their shape.

    Storage Tips To Retain Shape And Style

    To keep your converse shoes looking good as new, you need to store them properly. Here are some tips to consider when storing your shoes:

    • Keep your converse sneakers in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area to prevent any potential dampness or mold growth.
    • Avoid storing shoes in direct sunlight as this can cause materials to fade or warp over time.
    • Don’t stack your shoes as this can cause the shoes to lose their shape. Instead, store them in a vertical position, either on a shelf or hanging on a shoe rack.
    • Stuff the shoes using acid-free tissue paper or rolled-up towels to help maintain their shape.

    Making Minor Repairs

    No matter how careful you are with your converse sneakers, over time, they may need some minor repairs. Here are some tips to consider when making repairs:

    • Repair small holes or tears with glue designed for shoe repair.
    • Replace laces when they start to fray or break.
    • Clean the rubber sole with a toothbrush and mild detergent to prevent discoloration.

    By following these tips for maintaining your broken-in converse sneakers, you can extend the life of your shoes and keep them looking good as new for years to come. Remember to clean them properly, store them correctly, and make minor repairs as needed.

    Frequently Asked Questions On How To Break In Converse

    How Do You Break In New Converse Shoes?

    Wear your converse for short periods and gradually increase wear time. Try thick socks, bend and stretch your shoes, or use a blow dryer to soften the fabric and break in the shoes.

    Why Do Converse Shoes Have To Be Broken In?

    Converse shoes are made from sturdy canvas, which takes time to soften. To ensure a custom fit as well as longevity of your shoes, give them time to break in gradually.

    Can I Speed Up The Process Of Breaking In My Converse?

    Yes! Use a blow dryer to soften the material, wear thick socks, or twist and stretch your converse shoes with your hands. But remember to take it slow and don’t overdo it.

    What If My Converse Shoes Still Feel Uncomfortable After Breaking Them In?

    If your shoes still feel uncomfortable after breaking them in, try adding insoles or doubling up on socks for added cushioning. Otherwise, you may need to consider a different shoe or size.

    How Can I Keep My Converse Shoes In Good Condition After Breaking Them In?

    To keep your converse shoes in good condition, clean them regularly with mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, and allow them to air dry completely.


    To sum up, breaking in converse shoes can be a bit challenging, but it’s worth the effort. Remember that each person’s feet are unique, so it’s normal that the breaking-in process may vary from one individual to another. However, following the tips we’ve provided can help speed up and make the breaking-in process more comfortable.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you find the one that works best for you. With enough patience and effort, you can turn your new converse shoes into stylish and comfortable footwear that will last you for years to come.

    Give your feet some time to adjust to your new shoes, and soon enough, you’ll be walking around in complete comfort and style.

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