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    Crypto Marketing Agency | Beginner’s Guide

    A Crypto marketing agency is the best way to promote your cryptocurrency in the best possible way. They are also a great help in marketing your coin or token to a target audience. They can help you create a website, brand, and identity for your coin or token. They can also be of great help in creating a social media presence for your coin or token.

    There are many crypto marketing agencies, but only a few are trusted and reliable. There are many bad companies that claim to be good, but they only want your money and nothing else. The best thing about these companies is that they will never spam you or give you false information.

    Crypto marketing agencies such as these are able to help you succeed with your coin or token. Lots of investors want a company that is trustworthy and reliable, so this is important when choosing the best crypto marketing agency for your project

    What is the fee structure like for working with these companies and how much does it cost?

    The fees for crypto marketing companies are very affordable. Most places charge a flat rate of 10 dollars or less to do content writing services, social media management, and website development. Some agencies also charge higher flat fees depending on their service level/scope.

    If you are looking to pay for advertising or promotions, then the rates on these services can be anywhere from 50 cents per click. The best practices are usually 5 dollars a month and up, depending on your desired service level/scope.

    How can I use this type of company to promote my ICO?

    If you are an ICO, then this is the perfect company for your project. They will not only create a website, brand, and identity but also market it to their target audience of crypto investors so that more people can know about your coin or token.

    What type of marketing services do they offer?

    Crypto marketing agencies such as these provide many different marketing services with prices no higher than what most small-medium sized companies charge for similar service levels


    The marketing services that these companies usually provide are content writing, social media management and development, branding & design/marketing materials, advertising promotions, and more. You will have to decide which type or scope of marketing you would like for your ICO project so the agency could develop a strategy accordingly with the budget provided by you (the project owner).

    How many crypto investors do they reach?

    A crypto agency such as this can easily reach around 2,000 people in a month. This can be increased to around 5,000 people if they focus on a large-sized crypto project.

    What is the procedure for working with these types of ICO companies?

    Most agencies like this will provide a free marketing plan or statement of work so that you know what type and scope of service you are getting for your wallet/crypto investment. The agency generally has an inbuilt “planning sheet” where you fill out all information about your project and the marketing goals you have.

    You will probably receive a free consultation from them after filling out your plan so that they could provide some information about their services, pricing models, and what other companies in this niche are doing.

    How much does it cost to hire one of these ICO agencies?

    This type of company is the perfect fit for small-medium-sized cryptocurrency projects because their prices range between $500-$5000 per campaign. They do this because they charge advertisers/project owners a “rental fee” to be able to market their cryptocurrency project and crypto business.

    What types of marketing strategies do they use?

    Marketing departments at these companies have the unique opportunity to provide substantial advertising solutions that finance themselves through digital currency transactions while providing better credibility than those provided by traditional media.

    Do these companies provide legal advice, auditing, and consulting services as well?

    This type of company is best used to provide limited, low-cost services. For bigger projects, they are not always the best fit because of their pricing models, since business owners have to wait a lot of time and pay out the nose for their services.

    What are some similar types of companies?

    There are many different ways that cryptocurrency-oriented marketing agencies can be classed by strictness, company type, etc., but the main difference with these companies is where they fit in terms of their “marketing focus.” What is this about? Every individual’s needs vary greatly depending on a variety of different factors, so it is best to talk about what the one specifically needs would be. For example, an ICO advertising agency might advertise a Kickstarter campaign for their small-medium-sized cryptocurrency projects that have just launched. These companies are typically more strict in terms of marketing due to their nature as being commercialized businesses rather than individual services like design or general consulting work that you’re looking for from freelance websites on UpWork (if you want freelancers).


    The similarities between the two types of companies are marketing and digital currency. Marketing firms in both industries work with a variety of clients that have different needs and they can function well. These similarities make these solutions ideal partnerships, but there are still important differences to take into account because each type suits certain problems better than others.

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