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    You’re looking for a luxurious hotel or resort to spend your next holiday. Maybe you’re an aspirant hotelier planning the next hotel that will be the next luxury hotel for visitors and people who want to stay in the area.

    But what is it that makes a hotel “luxurious,” exactly? Although there aren’t any established standards for the business (and some might say that it’s a cliché to describe marketing material) but the fact is that certain elements are thought of by consumers when they hear that crucial word.

    Visitors at a minimum expect the best in terms of the quality of service and design of rooms. In addition, since the 5- and 4-star hotels tend to be more expensive, customers can reasonably expect it from a luxurious resort.

    Beyond the basics, however, you should continue reading to discuss some other factors to think about when making a reservation (or creating) an opulent accommodation or resort.


    The first thing to mention is location and place!

    No matter if you’re a beach-goer and you enjoy the bustle and energy of a big city or you’d like to wake up with an idyllic countryside right outside your door, a beautiful setting is the key to an enjoyable holiday.

    What could be the point of a beautiful location without enjoying it? Many hotels and resorts provide courtyard views to most budget-conscious traveler, that offer the most spectacular views. Often, they come with patios that have balconies, attached patios or verandas at a more expensive price. If you want to enjoy themselves and the natural beauty of their surroundings, the extra cost is definitely justified.

    Imagine this: after the long, deep, sleep, you awake to the sound of ocean waves breaking and the morning sun shining through the curtains. You stretch out and rise slowly, removing the drapes so that you can look out over the water. Imagine having a more expansive view with an open floor-to-ceiling glass door. Take a beverage, your favorite book, and take in the view.

    1. Unparalleled Service and Convenience

    We’ve mentioned customer service before and it’s worth noting. It’s essential! A luxury resort or hotel will provide exceptional service in addition to additional amenities for guests.

    If you are a resort or hotel manager, think about ways to make your guests feel appreciated and valued throughout their stay. It all starts from the beginning, when booking. If the guest is mentioning an occasion that is special, let the booking agent create an entry in the reservation, and then pass the information to your housekeeping or restaurant staff. Imagine coming into your hotel to see gorgeous bouquets of blooms, or even a bottle of sparkling wine to mark the occasion! Your guests will remember the special gesture.

    After the initial check-in, guests staying in a luxurious hotel can count on top-quality service throughout their stay. The 24-hour room service is an amazing perk particularly when it’s simple to access via a quick phone call to reception or a designated service attendant. There’s no cold fries here! A great room service menu can cater to all preferences and tastes, and is best if it’s delivered promptly!

    Other concepts that luxurious hotels and resorts use:

    Concierges on staff to assist with the booking of nearby tours and activities

    An exclusive app that guests can make use of during their stay that includes an interactive map of the property, an event program, and simple one-click access for reception

    A simple-to-join loyalty program which allows guests to get rewards or discounts for every stay

    Transport options that are convenient for travel to and from airports trains, airports or car rental companies

    1. The stunning decor and room amenities

    Even if guests aren’t planning to spend a significant amount of time in the room the room, the appearance and feel of the space is crucial to create a luxurious experience. After a relaxing day in the pool or exploring a new place or having the most memorable food you’ve ever had Do you really like to be returning to a drab room?

    The first impression that you’ll be getting from a space is the general style of the decor. Hotels must take care to make these things perfect starting with the furniture style (keep the style consistent and/or complimentary to the other rooms in your hotel) as well as the art (think gorgeous, local photos instead of the generic Ikea posters and prints) and finally, the design. Cleaning and maintaining everything is also important.

    The next thing to consider are the linens, which comprise towels for bathrooms, bedding as well as curtains or drapes. If you’re staying in a luxury hotel guests can be assured of the highest quality in this type of item. In the end, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting out of the bath and finding a worn pimpled or scratchy bath towel.

    Don’t forget to consider the scent of your room, one of the most vital in the 5 senses! It’s just as unpleasant to smell the nearby restaurant smells drifting into your space as it is to step into a sour ammonia odor of your homekeeper.


    Many resorts and hotels (of different sizes) offer some form of dining option it is an enormous space to shine as an option for luxury. A memorable bar and restaurant should be well-maintained, have an efficient and friendly staff, and, of course, serve great meals and beverages.

    The bigger resorts usually offer multiple dining options and dining, such as a more luxurious alternative (like the steakhouse which is only open to dinner) and a variety of bars (so you don’t have to travel far for an excellent drink) and a informal alternative (like the cafe buffet or an outdoor grill for kids). For boutiques that are smaller there may be more options, but the service and quality will remain top-of-the-line.

    The breakfast buffet is also an common benefit, and it’s not difficult to upgrade from the standard croissants of the past and poor drip coffee. In a luxury resort, you can expect to find a wide assortment of fresh, freshly made choices and food delivery or a sit-down menu depending on the plans you have for the day.

    Also, don’t ignore the service in your room! If you’re looking for a relaxing morning, guests at luxury hotels or resorts will usually have their food delivered (along with the local paper If you’d like! ).


    What’s a resort without activities? Although they’re not advertised as a genuine “resort,” many luxury hotels are now stepping up their game to host events and other activities for guests who don’t wish to travel far. For every tourist who wants to spend their day to explore the surrounding city, there’s a guest who would prefer to sit back and enjoy the day in its entirety. It’s good for the hotel to provide plenty of activities on the grounds and to offer incentives to guests to stay.

    If you are thinking of the amenities and activities offered by hotels swimming pools and gyms are usually top of mind. These luxurious venues surpass expectations by providing private beach access rental rates at a discount (think stand-up paddleboards or surfboards) as well as a beauty salon or spa, or groups of fitness instructors.

    Beautiful outdoors spaces are great for entertaining, and they can be used for multiple functions. When it is not in use they could serve as a venue for gatherings, or to sit and unwind with drinks and live music playing. In the evening, it could be transformed into a chic nightclub or chic lounge for nightlife lovers.

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